b20 block b16 head hp Type-R Eagle - Honda B16A1/B16A2/3 B16B B18A B18B B18C1/5 B20B/Z Incl. Piston Rod Spring Retainer Combo 400-700HP B18C1 B18C5 B16 K20 K24 Power: 174 hp (130 kW; 176 PS) at 7800 rpm & 150 Nm (111 lbft) at 6300 rpm. 95. Apr 05, 2018 · Specifications of Type-R B16B camshafts are the following: duration (at. a stock B20 will make around high 130s hp with high 120s tq. The B20 is just a bored out B16/B18 block (81mm to 84mm), so it will be lighter and more powerful than the B18/B16 cuz' bigger holes and more cc's mean less weight and more power. $8. Type-R Eagle Lightweight ESP 4340 Chromoly Steel Crankshaft Weight: 34. Sorce: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First let me say that my first tuning experience was a B18ls with b16 pistons, and a Gsr head with type r cams. 0L variants. Part# 31496701, 31496702, 31496801, 31496802 Material: 355-T61 Aluminum alloy Block Style: Fits B16, B18, B20 (VTEC & non Jan 12, 2008 · There are several possible outcomes and/or end results when referring to b20vtec or lsvtec. The GSR head flows slightly less, but has quench pads that help avoid detonation. 3 in) Sep 23, 2007 · that was just over rated they really didnt come wit 160 with a b20 vtec wit b16 head and everything else stock and wit b16 tranny??? or gsr tranny?? wit a gsr tranny you would be atlest at 170 easy wit a well tune there is no relationship whutsoever w/ the old B series motor (b20a, and b21 prelude motor) and the newer ones (b16, b17, b18a/b/c, b20b/z). is their any hp gains with the b16 pistons in the b20 . B20B 1996-1998 specs NON-VTEC Found in: USDM and JDM Honda CR-V, Honda Orthia Displacement: 1,973 cc (120. 2. My 1995 Honda EG with a b20z block and b16 head. Production of B16A and B16B continued until 2000, and during this time, engineers managed to make numerous modifications, the difference is shown below. :) Or get a  19 Mar 2011 Stock JDM B20B Short Block B16A Head with Skunk2 Springs/ Retainer Type R Camshaft Type R Header Injen Short Ram Intake Apexi Wsp2  Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket Honda B20 Block with B16 Head (Hybrid) 2. Also if you are interested in a B20/Vtec I would recommend that you go with a B20Z block, which I believe was rated about (10? HP/TQ) greater than the B20B. 5mm) (1) Set ARP 208-4303 head studs; Note: Please choose desired bore size for head gasket. 80 ARP Head Stud Kit ARP Head Stud Kit Honda Acura Integra GSR Vtec B18C/B18C1 List Price: $196. -ft. Pre-Owned. heloo guys i hope all fine i want know its safe to run the engine to 8 RBM information for my b20vtec : head b16a1 from CRX 89 ( stock ) block B20B from CRV 00 ( the piston is PHK and all stock ) and P28 stock its all stock now some people says its oky to go 8 RBM Jan 20, 2010 · Adding a b20 bottom end to your b16 vtec head is actually a rather low compression build something like 9. B18B1 22ft lbs then 56ft lbs "ARP MAIN" B18B,B16,B17,B18C Following the manufacturers recommended torque sequence, tighten the nuts in three equal steps to 30ft lbs, 60ft lbs and then 80ft lbs with ARP ULTRA-TORQUE FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT. and my friend had a 02 civic coupe si with a b20 block with the b16 head. It uses longer rods to accommodate for this, which is why the Rod/Stroke ratio is higher than a standard B16. Now my questions. Swapping out the head, pistons (heads, rings, and rods) on the K24 you are basically changing it from one Honda/Acura engine (Accord inline 4 engine) to another (TSX engine). heck,  13 Sep 2007 The crank is good to 600 hp. b16 head swap, Im using a b21 head on my b20 block, so my copression will be low without some high Dec 10, 2008 · b21 head on b20 block lowers compression to around 8. Volvo B18/B20 Engine Volvo B18/B20 engine. Aristocrat Autosport. Some people buy B16 swaps, drive them for a while then swap the B16 block out for a B18C1 one. T0davteckiller on August 21, 2019: The original frankinstien is a b18 block and a b16a head. For whatever reason though, honda deceided to use a different on a small number of the JDM b20 engines. And whan was the last time you believed every 1/4 mile time posted in a forum? I say pick up a B20 block, do a little bottom end work, pick up a GSR or B16 head (GSR heads are usually cheaper) and go from there. B16/B17/B18 VTEC Head To LS /B20 Block. Port and cam the b16 head and you'll be fine. I see this post and since I have a B20vtec self tuned on Chrome I feel I should add to this subject for any further inquiries. I am thinking of swapping the head out for a z6 head and wile I do that build the block and head to b able to handle 20psi n give me around 250 HP reliably. I would start with the basic bolt on's first unless your ready to rip them motor apart. I. 84mm Ycp B20 High Compression Full Floating Pistons Racing Rings Swap B18 B16 Additional notes. 95 KIT. Mar 17, 2021 · Back from the grave. 9 mm (8. mating a. It's a thumper engine, made to produce all its power at lower RPM's. Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Sandwich Plate with a 6AN fitting for the plate and head. K20 head. 1993 NX2000: Weekend fun car 1990 Accord: New to me Daily Driver 13 hours ago · b20 vtec is not some thing that came in any vehicle from honda it is a hybrid motor using a b20 block from a Cr-v, mated with either a b16 head(Si or civic type r), gsr head(b18c1), or. Mar 11, 2009 · Power: 193 PS/189 hp (141 kW) @ 8200 rpm & 127 ft·lbf/172 N·m @ 7500 rpm. This B18 was a straight-4 automobile engine produced by Volvo Cars from 1961 through 1968. Lastly, there is a second letter for the model. 96-98 JDM Honda Integra Type R DB8 a b18c1 head on a b16a1 block will it make more hp or not??? Save Share. The B20B features a 84mm bore, a rod length of 137mm and an 89mm stroke. 3. You need to use longer connecting rods to maintain anything close to a decent compression ratio, and the resulting higher rod/stroke ratio is part of what allows the B16B to rev so high. A friend of mine had a B20b with B16 head, Skunk2 intake mani, Type R header and Type R cams and springs. 6 compression swap n boost it after awile Aug 01, 2009 · The B16 V-Tech head will fit on the B20 engine. Apr 24, 2017 · B series adalah mesin andalan dan sangat terkenal di kalangan Honda, mulai dari B16 , B20 , hingga B “frankenstein” ( B16 Head + B20 block ) namun akibat harga mesin B sekarang yang sudah sangat mahal banyak yang ber alih ke mesin H series. 7 L, 1. i am not too familiar with the comp ratio of the B20 but i am assuming it would stay the same ratio once the head is fitted since B series heads are very much the same. COMETIC StreetPro Kits cater to the budget-minded street-rodder who  . Mark helpful 5 Plus I like REVVVVVS so the B20 block wouldnt cut it for me. The one used for B16 and B17 engines (except for B16B) has a deck height of 203. GO-AUTOWORKS 534 C Oliver RD Montgomery, AL 36117 334 277 8030 goautoworks@hotmail. Stroking is probably one of the best way to gained a few exta Hp Jan 09, 2014 · Since B16 heads were the cheapest solution to building a budget LS/VTEC engine, a surplus of B16 engines sit headless in junk yards and shops across the world. These engines are reputed to be very durable. stock b20 compression is 9. Here is the breakdown on engines/cams: 1. 03 in) while the short block used for B16B, B18 and B20 engines has  By using the LS block and a B16 head (with a stock bottom end) a 94+ B18B1: 142HP, 127 ft/lbs of torque 97-98 CR-V B20B - USDM 126 hp @ 5400 133 lb-ft  5 Nov 2019 -B20 Block 84mm -11:1 YCP Cast Pistons -Manley H-Beam Rods -B16 Head - 70mm -B16 Head -70mm throttle body 215 Horsepower Build list: B20 block B16 stock head 12:1 comp. 185hp & 175Nm second. Last fall I had planned a B20/Vtec with my B18C1 head and a GReddy turbo kit for a 99 Civic Si, but after some research I passed on the block, although I picked up the turbo kit from EBAY for 2500 bones you really wouldnt see any horsepower gains. Share. My (2) Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Dowels for proper alignment of the head and block (1) 1/8 NPT tap and plug for the oil port in the head (1) GEM Advanced Seal head gasket (good up to 81. B16B head may be identified by a red valve cover. Take out your calculator and you get a target horsepower of 309. This engine was intended for Acura Integra, Honda Integra, JDM Honda Domani and Orthia. When we started 140 - 150 HP was typical for a modified Volvo B20 street engine and the only way to get close to 200 HP was in a high compression, high rpm race engine. Get Free expedited shipping to the United States. . 1/8 NPT tap and plug for the oil port in the head 5. 0 Nm (123 lb. either way, you need to read up on some stuff if you plan on doing an LSVTEC swap. Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Dowels for proper alignment of the head and block without machining 4. 0Si How many fuel injectors are there in a B20A5 Engine, 1 or 2?, Ok so my mods are: b20 block sleeved, custom forged destroked crank, custom made long rods, custom made ross pistons, all arp hardware, toda bearings, ctr head ported and polished by dpr, 1mm oversize titanium valves, titanium springs and retainers, jg full race cams, adjustable cam gears, venom intake manifold, fuel rail, 75mm throttle body Example, B20 with Vtec (B20 short block with B16 head). 2)Product Information. Here is the list of early Christmas Presents I got for myself: B20B JDM Block Apr 11, 2012 · Use your B16 head for a b20 frank as said previously. That's pretty damn high for a normally aspirated engine, but we are talking about crank horsepower, not wheel horsepower. 4 in a straight b20z with some mods. In Stock. 150. Head  8 Mar 2007 b20b block b16a head 84mm=b20 block 81mm=LS block. I stumbled on a B20B W/91 Integra B16 Vtec Cylinder Head, Moroso oil pan, Mugen valve cover for 500 cash. The size of B20Z and B20B fuel injectors was 240 cc. !! Bfore my dyno tuning ive installed a pressure reg. Orings are strongly recommended) - Honda/Acura K20c Type-R $350 (800wHP rated) This high horsepower per liter, for the most part, trends across the B16, B17, and B18. What do I need for the B20/Vtec swap other than a B20 block and b16 head and vtec conversion What type of HP and Torque can I expect? But as you see im going to swap to a B20B with a gsr head and i was just Engine Block Girdle+Dowel Pin LS VTEC B16 B18 B20 VTEC SWAP GSR. USDM/JDM 96-98(ish) CRV - 8. They were made in 1. 00 And honestly the money you spend bulding a B16 you can build a B20/LS/vtec for cheaper. ARP HEAD STUD SET-Made from premium grade 8740 alloy steel-Heat treated to 200000 PSI-Premium parallel ground washers included with each kit-ARP  26 Aug 2018 B16 heads from an SI are much better made made than your standard CRV Head . RCJr9186 , 09-14-2007 05:07 AM It all depends on what your running inside the block and head. com. In Japan, B20Z I have the old designation B20B. improved b20-40h Blow Molding Machines 1985 Improved B20-40H, Number of Heads 1, Platen Size 20" x 21", Screw Size 2", Horsepower 30, Control Moog Parison Programmer, Shot Size 16 oz, EQUIPPED WITH: Operator Control Panel, Recently Rebu Street Torque Cam Kit - B20. when it ran 1988 Honda Prelude 2. Quick view HP Turbo B Series Pistons B20 VTEC with B16A2 Head 7500u/min 225kmhAll Stock!With a very good and safe ecutune from me!In the car 2 People, over 200kg - Check out this EG Honda Civic we found at the CAYUGA IMPORT DRAG SERIES! This B-series turbo build features a stock B20 block, B16 head, 62/66 turbocharger Sep 10, 2006 · a b20 head flows like poo compared to any b18 head. The block's harmonics are nowhere near comparable to the B16's or B18's. 5cc Dome 12. There is a ton of parts you can replace to make more HP instead of using boost. Brand New. $5,999. Yup, and a whole lot more work too. VTEC; Found in: 200 is about all a stock b20 bottom end can hold. 5mm Top End Kit. . 1. Buy a LS or B20 block for dirt cheap (they go for $200 where I live) get the dowel pins drilled out on the block, new gasket kit, B16 or B18C head and bam you have a boatload of TQ and HP. Pro-Fab Designs brings you the VTEC conversion dowels that make cylinder head swaps a snap. Honda B-Series Engine Compression Ratio Calculator. 150 / 75  ( generally makes 5 to 15 hp depending on your setup & other mods) *Core required. May 01, 2008 · Our goal is to make this stock-block B16A hit 500+hp without the need for major engine work. 181in CH 5. Sep 30, 2007 · From what he told me the car has a 98 b20 block with b16 v-tec heads, si cam, and si throttle body, a gsr oil pump, gsr tranny, light weight under drive pulleys, 500 hp nonslip race clutch, short throw shifter, race exhaust, and high flow intake manifold, he also told me it has high compression and a turbo would blow it and to be prepared to So the torque is a little better with a non vtec head vs the vtec head. The purpose of the dowels is the properly align the cylinder head to the cylinder block. 6:1. Iv seen B20's with stock B16 heads make 150whp-170whp. The crankshaft rode in five main bearings, making the B18 quite different in design from its predecessor, the three-bearing B16. 40 ARP Head Stud Kit Honda Acura Integra GSR Vtec B18C B18C1 Prelude Forums. 1 day ago · Volvo B16 engines are from the mid to late 1950s, B18 engines are from the early 1960s, and B20 engines are from the late 1960s through 1975. 30 Mar 2003 How much horsepower/torque are we talking then? What about A B20 with B16 head and GSR transmission would be your best solution. B20 Series. The B20B engine can be found in the JDM Orthia, JDM Honda, S-MX and Stepwgn. Block labeled B20B in Japan and B20B followed by a number in the US. This motor is a B18C1 block (94+ GSR) with a b16 head. 0:1, Turbonetics T66 turbo with Stage 5 May 09, 2007 · We chose a Dart B20-style block for the project. This combo should easily put out 200hp to the wheels or about 240-250hp at the crank. ls or gsr or typer puttin ga b18b head on a b20b block is probably the smartest thing u can do, it'll also raise ur cr alittle bit as well and the intake valves are bigger. a b16 vtec head on a b20 bottom end is the way to go good hp and massive torque also known as a frank motor Jan 12, 2008 · There are several possible outcomes and/or end results when referring to b20vtec or lsvtec. 5mm Bore 1. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Jan 25, 2019 · Inhab a b20z block in my crv 99 manual awd, b16 head everything was good but i have a problem with the distribuitor. Then our supercharger kit made it possible to have over 150 HP on an otherwised stock engine and well over 200 HP on the street with a modified B20. Unfortunately, many of those that purchased B16 heads have subsequently ruined the heads with way-too-big do-ityourself porting or by excessively milling the deck of the head to increase Stock vs. The Eddies Honda Block Sleeving Process. I have seen b16 head put onto a b20 block making around 250 hp at the flywheel, but this does run aftermarket cams and valve springs and a new exhaust. We machine out the entire sleeve are of the engine and replace it with a customs sleeve that integrate with the top of the cylinder block. 21 Sale Price: $119. 1 @ 107. 0L b/c I want minimal down time. Dec 12, 2008 · Posted December 20, 2008. It will significantly improve efficiency, but creating a hybrid B20/B16 is a quite complicated task. It is a small displacement engine that has flat torque line!!! the compression is low because of the piston size and the stroke, if you do the B16 head swap then you should also buy higher comp pistons. 104045. Check it out. 030" Thick Cometic Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket the Cometic Ml s (mulit   -low-comp B20B block -b16 head -usdm itr exhaust manifold -cheapie AEBS intake manifold and throttle body -Toda spec-B cams with an off  Cometic Street Pro Honda Hybrid B20 Block w/ B16 or Type-R Head 84. Best of all, Dart blocks are compatible with production Honda cylinder heads, internal components, and accessories. We strongly recommend E85 for any 500+HP Street cars. In 1997, the Type-R was introduced stateside and the USA-spec B18C5 made 195 hp @ 8,000 rpm and 130 ft-lbs of torque. 00. Im sure id be in the 13's on CR. Complementing the K20; Estimated Kw gains from a few mods? ERL B18C race motor (short block) your have a gsr block (b18c), and yes, non v-tec b16 head is a total waste, but a b16 v-tec can breath a lot better than a b18c head (vtec also), proven. Volvo P1800 E B20 Technical Specs, Dimensions The B20 was produced from 1969 to 1981. IPD. b20 vtec is not some thing that came in any vehicle from honda it is a hybrid motor using a b20 block from a Cr-v, mated with either a b16 head(Si or civic type r), gsr head(b18c1), or ARP Head Stud Kit Honda/Acura B18/B20 ARP Head Stud Kit LS-Vtec B18A/B or B20B/Z with B16 Cylinder Head List Price: $196. No more. Well an H22 is a physicaly bigger than the B16/B20 which both share a common block design. A JDM ITR transmission w/ Quaife LSD and Exedy Stage4 3puck cerametallic clutch should help get the power to the ground. a stock b16 will make around low 140s hp with barely over 100 ft lbs. The B20B is a low compression engine with a redline of 6500 rpm. All stage 2 pumps deliver higher flow and velocity while maintaining greater pressures at any RPM. Get in Line With a flat and surfaced cylinder deck surface, it’s time to line hone the block. The B20 never received a VTEC cylinder head, so it’s power number we not nearly as insane, but still impressive none-the-less. for those who want a ls/b20 Jan 12, 2008 · There are several possible outcomes and/or end results when referring to b20vtec or lsvtec. This 1999 Civic Si had the factory B16A2 replaced with a monster LS/VTEC setup. its just a technical definition May 06, 2010 · Head: the head is bein ported and polished You can't fit b20 crank/rods in a b16/18 block . 5/10. 1 day ago · Volvo B16 engines are from the mid to late 1950s, B18 engines are from the early 1960s, and B20 engines are from the late 1960s through 1975. Search jail, inmate, warrants, property records, and more. 0:1. A more detailed description of the engine and all of its versions can be found below. here's Val's B20 for comparison in red and when he then went to a GSR head, ITR cams and bigger injectors in blue on the same bottom end. The LS/VTEC motor is a torque monster, especially when using a B20 block. Though it looks stock, the LS block has actually been rebuilt with Type-R pistons and topped with a Type-R head. The size of B20 throttle body was 60 mm. B20V is where its headed next. 14 Aug 2011 Honda Civic Performance - JDM Discussion - b20 with B16 Head - hey moment stock everything with my tuned ecu im looking at 192 hp with  12 Jun 2013 Integra b16 head b20 block vs vw 2. Orings are strongly recommended) - Honda/Acura K20, K24 $350 (800wHP rated) - Honda/Acura K20, K24 High HP CSS $420 (900wHP rated. The LS-VTEC takes its name from the most commonly used parts; the 1. $1064. LS/VTEC motors are a great way to obtain 160+ wheel HP for cheaper than buying a B16 or GSR motor that produce around the same amount of power, and a lot less torque. Mar 01, 2002 · This head swap adds about 40 hp to your typical LS engine with naturally aspirated wheel hp figures in the 170-190 hp range and torque in the 120-145 lb. 06 liters or 126 cubes. now if u go with the civic si k20a3 yea you have the same hp as a stock obd0 b16,&n 10 Jul 2008 I have a fully built b20b block its sleeved too $450 and its if you did a vtec head - you could easily make 350 whp on 10 psi stock internals. Honda JDM B20, B16A, B16B, B18B & B18C Spec R, GSR, Type R Motors B16/B20 18ft lbs then 56ft lbs. Honda/Acura B15, B16, B17, B18A/8, B18C B20 C30, C32 D15, D16 The sleeves are thinner by a SMALL amount on the b20. how much hp can u get if i put together a b20 block and a b16 head i might put in a gen 3 teg or a 95 hatch? 22 Mar 2018 Build wise ill rebuild a B20B block. We'll use an engine dyno for putting this engine to its final test. Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Sandwich Plate with a 6AN fitting for the plate and head. NC CKP Juice 280 hp 190 tq E85 230hp 153 tq racing B20 VTEC All motor build ek hatch high compression. Attempts to improve this engine were successful, and B16B power reached 185 HP @ 8,200 rpm, the torque of 160 Nm @ 7,500 rpm, while the redline was set to 8,400 rpm. 8 L, and 2. The B16 head is the same casting mark as the TypeR heads (the typeR has slightly more port work,but not much), and it flows the best. Nov 21, 2014 · I am currently building a new motor for my B20 Rex. AN-6 steel braided Teflon hose for oil supply 3. CP Piston & Ring Set for Honda B20 w/B16 Head - Bore (88mm) - Size (STD) - Comp Ratio (10. Meaning they will both weigh a very similar amount. built LS or CR- VTEC= THE highest horsepower B series with a OEM crank. but off a line until turbo spool im be in the back of the pack. This pump is designed to provide a superior oil pressure that is 30-40% above stock VTEC pumps. Link to post. All this achieved on a stock header, stock head, stock ECU, stock box intake, and stock muffler. or maybe B20 block, b16 head. I guess what I am getting out of this is that this procedure is more difficult than just bolting the head onto the block. The best of both worlds could be acheive through CRVtec (B20 block, B16 VTEC head) if the B20 block was build anything like the B16, which its not. VTEC . if anything, you'll just run into fuel management problems and throwing off the ecu. My bro has a LS and B20 block side to side, not much of a difference. Simply insert the dowels and install the new VTEC head on your LS/B20 Block. with a turbo i dunno 450. Most of the B20's that are imported to the US have the same head as the US B20's. With Arias forged pistons lowering compression down to 9. 8 litre shortblock from an Integra LS (or GS/RS), and a VTEC head from an Integra Type R/GSR, Civic Si or Del Sol VTEC. Stock block of b20b is 126hp and 131lbs of torque A b16a will give you 158hp and 111lbs of torque. 1 day ago · Volvo B16 engines are from the mid to late 1950s, B18 engines are from the early 1960s, and B20 engines are from the late 1960s through 1975. i say just do the k24 swap. All B series VTEC motors with large 84. The best of both worlds could be acheive through CRVtec (B20 block, B16 VTEC head) if the B20 block was build anything like the B16, which its not. Product Info and Spec: Sporting a 10. B16A head with a B18B block. ACL race series performance oil pump OPHD1194HP for Honda B18 motor. 8:1 Bore: 84 mm (3. puts a. May 15, 2007 · You'll build a Dart B20 with an 84. This turbo spools very fast and picks up power very Quick, Good for 300~350 HP. b18c 96-98+ type r complete change over [item number 30011] $ 0. You just gotta decide if you wanna build your block or head first. 4 in) Compression: 8. Realistically if you want naturally aspirated power a B20 or K20 would be a great option, as there is no replacement for displacement. Buy It Now. THe results were great, great torque(148lbs) and good HP(184HP). B18CR blocks are balanced and honed from factory so rev out very well, although the B16 is good because of the 78mm stroke, so I'd never pick a B16 block for that reason alone. Honda LS/VTEC Head Dowel Pins B16 B18 B20 Civic GSR Stainless Steel 2-3 Day Ship. The average streetable horsepower in our experience is in the realm of 400-500WHP, anything past 500HP typically results in nothing but spinning. . Quote. The best of both worlds could be acheive through CRVtec (B20 block, B16 VTEC head) if the B20 block was build anything like the B16, which its not. 4:1 maybe lower. Some B20 engines respond better to more aggressive camshaft durations check your engine on a rolling road. $679. The cam-in-block engine had overhead valves operated by pushrods. Then you get some 11. High Compression Cylinder Headgasket for your B-series Motor by Zerg Industries. Save. 8:1, P75 head - 126hp/133tq. Mar 25, 2009 · We increased wall thickness in all critical areas and beefed up the bottom end with steel main bearing caps. : So to build a reliable b20v you would be heres a price break down: b20 block 500 +/-, a b16 head cheapest 450-500 +/-, welding and machine work $450 +/-, all new timing belt water pump oil pump just because you'd be dumb not to 150-200, then to get ecu and a good tune $450ish depending where you go. providing you swap in some vtec pistons, or machine some b20z pistons for the vtec valves just slappin a head to a block isnt recommended a good b20 vtec n\a, can yield 220 hp easy to the wheels. suppose to increase HP by 15% . Apr 03, 2011 · Hi everyone I have a 98 Hx n I want a fun daily with good gas milage. ( generally makes 5 to 15 hp depending on your setup & other mods) *Core required. 370ci LQ9 LS Stroker Crate Engine Long Block Aluminum Heads 450+HP Block Girdle W/ Dowels B16 B18 B20 B-Series LS Vtec Integra Standard Block Cylinder Head CRV b20 with b16 head. b20 vtec is not some thing that came in any vehicle from honda it is a hybrid motor using a b20 block from a Cr-v, mated with either a b16 head(Si or civic type r), gsr head(b18c1), or We built a B20 with 12:1 compression pistons and using a GSR head. Engine B16 A B16 B B18 A B18 D (90 hp) B18 D (95-100 hp) B18 B B18 B * B20 A B20 B Idle speed 500 - 700 rpm 500 - 700 rpm 500 - 700 rpm 600 - 800 rpm 800 rpm 700 rpm 800 rpm B20B Stock Bore (84mm) 84mm ITR Pistons Short Ram Intake B16 Vtec Head Tri-Y Header AEBS Ported IM Skunk 2 Cams ITR Tranny POWER: 216hp / 150tq BEST TIME: 13. The head casting code for these heads is: P8R. The guy there said he ran a 14. I purchased one of these heads a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to taking some measurements of it. B18C1 & C5 22ft lbs then NO:1&5 CAPS 56ft lbs then NO:2,3&4 CAPS 49ft lbs. What is the correct distribuitor to use. Click "Get A Quote" to get started on your new Golden Eagle Sleeved Block! Re-sleeving available for the following engines. ft) at 3500 rpm. Apr 05, 2018 · The power was 142 HP @ 6,300 rpm and the torque was 172 Nm @ 5,200 rpm, with the rev limit of 7,200 rpm. Supertech BG-B16 Block Guard for Honda B16 B18 Civic CRX SiR Si JDM N. 05 in) Transmission: Y21; OBD 1 PR3 is also stamped on head; B16A5. . when swapping a VTEC head on to a non VTEC block, there are a few things you need to do. 2:1; VTEC Engagement at 5,600 rpm; Redline at 8,200 rpm; rev-limit at 8,500 rpm; Bore×Stroke: 81 mm × 77. 67 Sale Price: $699. The price for the CR/VTEC could be calculated on the aforementioned site. The world's highest mileage car, a 1966 Volvo P1800, traveled more than 4,890,993 km on its original Mar 22, 2018 · stock b16a head stock b20b block b18c waterpump and cambelt b18c head bolts sandwich plate with oil feed to the head b20b head gasket are the most parts you'll need. 95 KIT. Oct 02, 2007 · i think thats a great combo. After he had it tuned he made 200whp. 5" Header - Nitrous System - GSR Transmission - Lightweight Flywheel / Pressure Plate / Clutch. Apr 05, 2018 · Honda B16 engine belongs to the Honda B series engines, which also includes B17, B18 and B20 engines. 5L turbo. 5mm bore, the tall deck option for longer rods, a Crower 92mm stroker crank pushing and pulling custom Crower rods, a GSR head and Search public records fast and easy with our directory of online & offline free public record sources. Once you don't rev the life out of it they seem to be pretty reliable. (Please note the oil supply hole in head must still be tapped and plugged - we offer the kit with plugs for that below. “The K series is better by a long shot: the head flows higher CFM’s it has roller rockers and bigger displacement,” said Rodcharoen. 00. 2 on street tires and a 14. Skim and hone. D Grind Cam Kit Complete - B20 FI With huge HP in Select options Select options Add to Wish List Remove Wish CP Piston & Ring Set for Acura B18C1 & B18 Block w/ B16 or B18C Head. Supertech Performance BG-B16 Block Guard for Honda B16a/B18CA Block Guard acts as a support, filling the gap between the outside of the cylinder wall Add to cart Add to Wish List Remove Wish List Rev9(HP-MF-B16-T3-11G) T3 Turbo Manifold, T304 Stainless Steel, Equal Length, V Band 44mm Wastegate Flange, Top Mount Style, compatible with Honda B16/B18 Engine Motor 5. 0L 82mm . 6L, 1. This is a pretty good alternative to the B18C in EFs because you can get an LSD equipped B16 for $1400 then a B18c block for around $700-$1k and then you already have all the OBD0 stuff. All B20 VTEC conversions. (so max HP that I could get is 220-250HP) in there but that engine the combination of b20 and b16 is souch a great and powerfull For all B16A, B18C, B18, B20, H22A, ZC, & D-series motors. B18C. 5:1 pistons&nbs Blocks have withstand HP beyond 800 + HP with our originated step deck to ensure head 0:1 Sleeved B18/B20 Block w/B16A or B18C Head from $649. All automotive products sold are for use in the United States (USDM) market only. 5mm bore, drop in a Crower 92mm crank with custom length rods to take advantage of the taller block, and then top it off with a custom GSR head. since your stock b16a reg doesint give annuf for this setup. 8, Stock HP 140, 81mm, B20 or sleeved B18 Block w/B16A or B18C Head Performance Rings Performance Wrist Pins There’s no sense making performance tuning of a regular non-VTEC B20B head, it is better to replace it with B16A/B16B VTEC. $1096. You will need a custom tune for this setup so allow funds for this. 8 litres automobile Inline-four engine produced by Volvo from 1961 through 1968. Our sleeves are actually new cylinders made and installed always in-house from raw material so we can control the quality of the final product from start to finish. I had a lsvtec gsr head with type r pistons stock head just I/h/e. com Engine & Cylinder Head Parts: Eagle Lightweight ESP 4340 Chromoly Steel Crankshaft B16A1 B16A2 B16A3 B18A B18B B18C1/5 B20B/Z Incl. The JDM K20A type-R engine block would be removed from production assembly line by an b16/b20 conversion to EK1 questions V8 vtec; B16A in CRX '88 running slow any ideas? Crx gen ii b16a query; B16A heads- stock HP flow & ported HP flow? 50 - 100 hp nos kit on d16y8; valve springs; b16b vs b16a; please help? b16b with cams. Best B16 engine mods. while the GSR head is supposed to be easier to do with an LSVTEC, the b16 head flows better than the GSR. You will need a fully assembled B16 or B18C head, ARP head studs, and a Hondata ECU, and all this should be adjusted Aug 30, 2009 · Note: This engine uses the same block as the Integra Type R, which is taller than the B16a block, but with a crank the same stroke as the b16a. B20 turbo should run fine at 280-300 whp depending on the condition of the motor, turbo parts, and the tune. The Honda B20A engine series, known as the B20A and B21A was an inline four-cylinder engine family from Honda introduced in 1985 in the second-generation Honda Prelude. But if you were to put a b20 top end on a b16 you'd only around 120-130 hp @ the flywheel. Head Milling and Block Decking: Enter total amount head has been milled and block decked. 00. Block sleeving is the process of replacing part of the stock cylinder walls and pressing in a new Iron Ductile Sleeve into the block. A larger 2. 4 mm (3. 00 mm bore. Also available in the contemporary third-generation Honda Accord in the Japanese domestic market, along with the Accord-derived Vigor, the B20A was Honda's first line of multivalve DOHC inline four-cylinder engines, focused Apr 03, 2011 · Hi everyone I have a 98 Hx n I want a fun daily with good gas milage. 00 – $ 699. By line honing the mains on B16 engine head swaps are popular with VTEC being added to the non VTEC as a relatively simple and significant power hike, although a decent cam profile will virtually match this for top end. generally b20vtec puts down a lot more power than a typeR because they are built by the tuner to be a b-series monster. and to respond to the other guys talking about b16's, ls/vtec's and bore out my engine; I already have a b18 head and would like a b20 block and I am not going to bore out my engine to a 2. Or I could do a b20b 9. We run Cometic headgaskets on every car. ill build it with oem spec ACL bearings and rings. 5 1 at the   1 Dec 2003 or he can opt for Frankenstein, the baby brother of B20B. 0 lbs List Price: $1,166. 0, stock b21 compression is 9. IPD. zone easy to obtain on 91 octane pump gas. If you get a US version B20 in the Prelude it will only make The B16's pistons would not work in the B20 block, because of the larger bore. Then it's just a case of blanking the oil feed port on the head as jezzza1 stated. Competition Clutch Stage 4 B-Series B18 B16 B20 Hydro $450. As for a head I would recommend the B16A2, which will be the OBD1. b20 vtec is not some thing that came in any vehicle from honda it is a hybrid motor using a b20 block from a Cr-v, mated with either a b16 head(Si or civic type r), gsr head(b18c1), or Nov 19, 2009 · Page 49 of 72 - Rio-Tec (Aka Demoraliser) B20 And Rovers Finest Steel Wheels Equals - posted in Honda: Right, not much been happening on the mini side of things, its mainly been on the paintbrush side of things! I had no intention of painting stuff but as Im still waiting for the head and flywheel (mainly the flywheel) Im trying to do whatever I can on it as I am pretty pumped up to get on P1800 E B20 has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code B20. 4[/quote] so my question is how much how much hp gain or loss if any do i get from a b21 head on a b20 block compared to a stock b21 K&W Block and Head Gasket Sealer $10 Aftermarket Integra Parts B16, B18, B20 $0 Stage 3 2005 Volvo S60R (420 hp, manual trans, AWD) $9,000 This B18 is a 1. That`s what Im having now. I know I need a b series dohc vtec head from engine like a b16 vtec, b17 vtec or b18 vtec, but I want your help as to which head best suits my needs. Wiseco Pistons B20/VTEC B20 B20b Block w/ B16 B16a B18c GSR Head  25 Jan 2019 B18 or b20 non-VTEC block; DOHC VTEC head; Golden Eagle When choosing between a b16 (pr3) and a GSR (p72), there are two major factors Aside from producing a couple extra horsepower, they are reusable and  Page 3- ever raced a civic with a b20 block/gsr head Proven Power Bragging. Power: 160 hp (119 kW; 162 PS) at 7,600 rpm & 111 lb⋅ft (150 N⋅m) at 6700 rpm; Compression: 10. You cant rev the shit out of it like you can a B18C1/5, and it stay together long. generally b20vtec puts down a lot more power than a typeR because they are built by the tuner to be a b-series monster. The 2 litre version can be created in two ways: using a stock 2 litre CR-V block or having an Integra LS/RS/GS block sleeved to displace 2 litres. a b16 vtec head on a b20 bottom end is the way to go good hp and massive torque also known as a frank motor Apr 05, 2018 · This increased the power up to 147 HP @ 6,200 rpm, and the torque was 190 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. I am thinking of swapping the head out for a z6 head and wile I do that build the block and head to b able to handle 20psi n give me around 250 HP reliably. after the brake in I'd like to see what it does at the track. The firing order of B20B and B20Z was 1-3-4-2. e. . hey TI, Recently dropped a b20b into my 3rd gen. 19 in × 3. 104041. They produce between 126 hp and 190 hp with some models capable of a redline over 8,500 rpm. Our Full VTEC Conversion Kit routes oil from a Non-VTEC block ( B18A/B or B20 ) to a VTEC head ( B16 or B18C ) This kit is the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required and is very clean and reliable. 050″ or 1 mm lift) 243/235 deg, lift 11. you should have better results with the b16. Freight. HP Kit Test: 1995 Acura LS 1. ) Different design from the B20, its predecessor, most head parts are not interchangeable, but the lower block is mostly the same Displacement: B17 = 1800cc, B19= 1900cc, B21= 2100cc, B23= 2300cc 4 cylinders in line 98 B20B stock head and block, 94 P75/LS ecu Intake: GSR stock cone filter and tube (no airbox), LS intake manifold, 64mm TB Ex: GSR exhaust manifold, test pipe, Greddy BL exhaust Comments: 128hp to the wheels is rougly 150hp to the flywheel. This is what you call a GSR killer!! Cylinder Support System CSS B-Series Block B18 B16. I doubt that the cylinder sleeves required for the 87mm bore would have enough space between each other. 5 mm. What do I need for the B20/Vtec swap other than a B20 block and b16 head and vtec conversion kit? Also what ecu do I need, I was told to use a socketed one and burn chips for tuning? What would I need to do for wiring, can I use the stock harness? I have the B series swap mounts and some linkage already, I have a B18A currently in my CRX. Bearings & Hardware Best selling products Engine Engine Block Parts Honda/Acura Bearings ACL Race Series Performance Engine Bearings The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance 370ci LQ9 LS Stroker Crate Engine Long Block Aluminum Heads 450+HP . Found in: 96-98 JDM Honda Integra Type R DC2 . Apr 22, 2005 · you cant take flywheel vs flywheel hp. I started with the bottom end first. LS/VTEC motors have a reputation of being unreliable and unsafe. . 54,004 views54K views. Or I could do a b20b 9. vtec crossover isnt anything that adds performance. The dowels in the head can be re-used, just by drilling the corresponding holes to the same size. Brand New Discover B16 on sale right here with the biggest choice of B16 anywhere online. I have a stock 99si b16a2 I wanna change the block to make  25 Jul 2010 I am planning to do this set up b16 head and b20 block since my b16 is almost done so while its still running I am planning to do the block first. In Stock. B20 may also be OEM approved for certain vehicles. Oct 11, 2002 · project SWAP B20 with B16 head. honda b16 cylinder head b16 engine b18c head b20 block b16 block b16a HP HORSE cylinder head rebuildable If it were me, Id go with a B20 block, sleeved, 16:1 compression on race gas, B16 head fully ported and polished, Skunk2 Pro4 cams, and a Hytech side exit header. Torque is a 133 lb – ft, power is 126 – 142 – 140 hp and displacement is 1973 cc. select options. also his is 12:1 compression and runs great. Dyno-proven ~ 15+ HP Gains (see dyno graph below for details). The five-bearing, cam-in-block engine, had OHV overhead valves operated by pushrods. 0 on slicks at 99 mph there u go This is a High pressure race pump in brand new condition . -B20 VTEC (B20Z block / B16 Head) -Eagle Rods - 13:1 Weisco Pistons - GSR Crank - ITR Valve Springs and Retainers - Skunk 2 Intake Manifold - 4-1 2. 75. This engine produces a maximum power of 120 PS (118 bhp - 88 kW) at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 167. !! B18/B16/B20: 1000+WHP Seeing those numbers should allow you to put an idea in your head of what you can build to. b20 head on b21 block raises compression to about 10. Manifold + Turbo + Intercooler Kit + Wastegate + Downpipe + Oil Feeding line kit + Oil Return Line Kit + Radiator Fan CXRACING's NEWLY Released Turbo kit, Fully Tested. Jun 18, 2013 · He also later suggested adding a vtec head to the b20 block, so I started reading up on "ls/vtec" like he suggested, and feel like I have learned a good amount on the ls/vtec build. • Jun 12, 2013. There is no need for any further drilling or machining to the head or block for dowel fitment and alignment. I recommend the B20A engine from Japan (JDM) as it came from them with 160hp stock. From your AF ratios, it looks like you've got plenty of fuel. Both Block and Head were compete and stock, nothing aftermarket no machining. Aug 18, 2009 · The B20B made 126 hp but the real jewel was the 133lbs of torque that was easily achieved almost anywhere in the RPM band. Note: Please select with or with ARP headstuds Ok if u take a stock b20 long block and use a stock b16 vtech head what will the horsepower be??? I just need an idea,, the b16 is 160 ,,so? 7 Apr 2017 I was wondering how much power does a b20 block wit a b16 tranny and b16 head give in whp. The best of both worlds could be acheive through CRVtec (B20 block, B16 VTEC head) if the B20 block was build anything like the B16, which its not. 00. Just because a upgrade is popular with B16 owners it doesn't mean it is good, instead we will focus upgrades that will give your B16 the biggest power gain return for your cash. that way, you'll have more options as to what you can do performacne B20B-B20B4 1996–1998 126–142–140 hp B20B-B20B8 1999 - 2001 148–150 hp NASP engines need quite a lot of work and the B20 requires more than most when you add a turbo, so we have a separate guide to help you take into account the pros and cons of going this route on your B20. 7mph Tuned on CROME by Neoh2ning @ Puerto Rico! These dowels make life easier when building and assembling a LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC engine. those are the monsters of Vtec Head trading. Now my questions are: Can I run stock b20 Pistons and Rods or do i have to put in Vtec pistons and rods to keep up with the vtec head and valve/piston ive been thinking about buying a b20b block , and then a b18b gsr head to put on the block, im gonna try to make it an all aftermarket engine with turbo, i would like it to be vtech,would this fit my car? would a b16 head be better on it than a b18 or not? May 01, 2008 · All B20's use a 84mm headgasket regardless of the head (a 81mm LS headgasket will not work). . The B18 is quite different in design from its predecessor, the three-bearing B16. now, in terms of peak power, despite the fact that the JDM head flows better than the USDM B20 head, the head is holding you back a bit. The cam was used in the Lindqvist 122 to make a probaly record-holding 230 dyno'd rear wheel horsepower, but even this duration could not permit the maximum-ported b20 head to create an power range extending much over 7000 RPM. This first generation of DOHC VTEC technology from Honda formed the basis for the ever-popular B-Series engine. Camshafts have a higher elevation with a longer duration,  Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Supertech for Honda B20 Block B16 Head 84. 0 out of 5 stars 1 $314. It has thin sleeves and weak rod bolts. So theres no issues with weight etc. Turn the distributor counter-clockwise for an earlier ignition and clockwise for a later ignition on the B16; the other way around for B18 and B20. 99 Bore / stroke the B20 and fit the B16A Head and be done with it. 4 cu in) Power: 126 hp (94 kW)) @ 5400 rpm Torque: 131 ft·lbf (178 N·m) @ 4300 rpm Rod length: 137 mm (5. the k20 head opn a k24 bottom would be better. cant tell u exact hp but i can tell u 1/4 mile time s my boy has a bone stock ls block with a b16 head, with type r intake cam i/h/e of course in a 1996 hatchback he ran a 14. Street Torque Cam Kit - B18. Tried, tested and good results when do correctly. We made 289(rev'd it to 10,000) at the wheels with our B16 head on a the combustion chamber . Interesting since the engine is rated only 126 hp flywheel. Sep 07, 2013 · Of course, keeping the head clamped to the block is no easy task. So your basic daily, Id be looking at torque curve over HP numbers. . 21 Sale Price: $112. Runs fantastic, but now im ready for some more power. K series engines have routinely cracked the 300 hp barrier naturally aspirated and, if all-out NA performance is the goal, it’s difficult to compile a case against the K platform. A full-blown B16 with a sleeved block, forged bottom end, big turbo kit, built transmission, and more, is capable of about 800whp. and it was insanely fast. Ive been thinking of swapping my P8R for a Vtec head just to see what all the fuss is about. This easy to install kit includes the necessary components to properly align the he b20b 96-00 (crv japan spec) long block [item number 30028] $ 550. Stock pistions, rods, pins, and crank. Mar 04, 2011 · well ive backed out my Skunk 2 ones as i needed new pistons for them to work properly so ive sourced some EK9 cams im hoping for around 200Bhp pretty basic build B20b Freshly built block, new piston rings,acl race bearings etc b16 head 4-2-1 mani, G/E Vtec kit chipped p28 ecu will let you know what it makes although it wont be done for a couple of months yet 1. - Honda/Acura B18, B16 $350 (700wHP rated) - Honda/Acura B18, B16 High HP CSS $420 (800wHP rated. 0 litres version called the B20 appeared in 1969. Dec 07, 2005 · I say just putting the b16 head youll be looking at about 150 hp to the wheels, not shabby at all plus a very decent amount of torque, gsr head=more compression=more hp about 10 more, know somebody that has a crv/vtec set up but with a ITR head, fully built bottom, p&p, crazy custom race header (beautiful), HONDATA tuned, putting 207 hp to the wheels, on a 2 door ej1, If you do decided to use a B16 head, Iit really doesn't matter which one you use, but the CTR one has more flow. The simple B20/B16 swap costs as follows: $1000-$1500 for the B20 short block, +/- $600 for the B16 head, +/- $300 for the B16 ECU + tranny and other small parts. K20A Spec R engine (FD2 Civic Type R) Chromoly flywheel, higher-tensile strength connecting rods, high-compression pistons, stiffer valve springs, higher-lift hollow camshafts with more duration, and 2007–2011 cylinder-head intake-port and exhaust-port surface polishing used in NSX-R. 2:1 compression ratio, it put out 158 hp @ 7,600 rpm along with 112 ft-lbs of torque @ 7,000 rpm. yea that what im saying is a b16 only has like 112 torque and 160 hp which is nice at a 60 in full boost. depending on how much boost. It boasts an 84. 00 BLOX Racing is happy to reintroduce its LS VTEC Conversion Kit that offers Honda engine builders and performance DIYers a cost effective product that allows B18 and B20 engine blocks to be mated to B16A-B18C1-5 DOHC VTEC cylinder heads. its like putting b16 head on a b18 or doing a gsr head on a b20 block. to use a B20 in an integra, you need to use a LS manifold and exhaust, which flows better than the stock B20, therefore giving more power. Includes full "Port & Polished" Head, high performance valve job, & head resurface. lets compare heads. Later models have minor upgrades including modifications to the intake valves, ports and piston tops, along with individual cylinder oil injectors. or you can just go to a shop and skip the middle man. Type R head is overpriced and overrated IMO. generally b20vtec puts down a lot more power than a typeR because they are built by the tuner to be a b-series monster. Get the best deals for b16 cylinder head at eBay. 5mm or 84. However, ARP head-studs torqued to the 80-to-90 lb-ft range have proven to get the job done on the Honda B-series engines making quad-digit power figures. I recommend this because tuning with OBD1 is a lot more common than with OBD0 which is what the JDM B16A1 will be. 6 compression swap n boost it after awile Nov 30, 2008 · Way back in the day (1993) in the tsukuba battle's, a Small company took a B20a(7) block (from the DOHC PGMFI 150bhp prelude) and retro fitted a b16 Vtec head to it, which from all accounts was an extremly hard job to do as the old b20 blocks were alot different to the newer B20b/z blocks of today, Jun 20, 2010 · The combo yields 2. as for an ls or b20 if i get in it slow and then once i hook up get on it, it would be alot better. 3rd Gen. b20 block b16 head hp